Pokerstars Deposit Bonus Code

USA Players Please Read - PokerStars does not accept USA players. You can try playing at Bet Online and get a 25% instant bonus on all deposits!

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Get The Bonus in 3 Simple Steps:

1/ DOWNLOAD BETONLINE (Available for Mac & Windows)

2/ Create a New Account.

3/ Make your first deposit using echecks, credit card or money transfer like Western Union / Moneygram and get a 25% instant bonus. No code required.

Pokerstars Bonus Code Details

100% matching bonus up to $600. This is a brand-new bonus worth taking advantage of while it’s available. The Pokerstars deposit bonus was 100% up to $50 for years, but right now we can offer you $600. This Pokerstars deposit bonus is only valid for players who have never made a deposit at Pokerstars.

After making your first deposit, you can make 2 more deposits within 90 days that will also go towards the full $600 bonus. So, if you register today and deposit $200, you can make two more deposits and get the full $600 bonus. None of the other rooms allow this…another way that Pokerstars stays two steps ahead of everyone else.

Pokerstars Deposit Bonus Code – Clearing Requirements

Players need to earn 17 Frequent Player Points (FPP’s) per dollar in bonus. For example; if you deposit $50, you’ll need to earn a total of 850 Frequent Player Points. Players have 6 months to clear as much of their bonus as they can, and it is paid out in $10 increments. Every time you earn 170 FPP’s, another $10 will automatically be deposited into your player account. Be sure to use our Pokerstars marketing code TEN500 on signup!

When Pokerstars had the $50 deposit bonus, micro-stakes players did not earn FPP’s during cash games. That has changed now, and everyone earns FPP’s, and thus bonus money. This is something players have been begging for for a long time, so it’s nice that Poekrstars responded. This is also one of the few poker sites accepting instant checks, which means depositing to your player account is very easy.

Players earn Frequent Player Points during all real-money cash games and tournaments. To see how many FPP’s you’ve earned towards your deposit bonus, open the Pokerstars lobby and click on the ‘Cashier’ button.

FPP’s spent during your deposit bonus period do not come off your bonus total. So, if you’ve earned 200 FPP’s and decide to play in a 50 FPP tournament, you still have 200 FPP’s towards your deposit bonus. Likewise, if you play in an FPP tournament and win more FPP’s, they do not count towards your deposit bonus. This is standard within the industry.
Be sure to write down Pokerstars deposit bonus code TEN500 before you go to Pokerstars.

Earning Pokerstars Frequent Player Points

Players earn 5 FPP’s for every $1 in tournament fees. So, if you play in a $10+1 tournament, you will earn 5 FPP’s. If you play in a $30+3 tournament, you will earn 15 FPP’s. Partial FPP’s are awarded for fees of less than $1.

Players earn Frequent Player Points in cash games at the following rate:
Earn your first FPP when:

- The rake reaches $.20 in $1/2 and lower FL, NL & PL cash games.
- The rake reaches $.20 in any 1 on 1, heads-up table.
- The rake reaches $1 at any other table

Earn your second FPP when:

- The rake reaches $2 at any table that allows a maximum of 6 players.
- The rake reaches $3 at any other table.

Earn your third FPP when:

- The rake reaches $5 at any table.

Stacking Deposit Bonuses at Pokerstars

Often times, Pokerstars will offer players a reload deposit bonus code. If you’re currently earning your initial deposit bonus and want to make another deposit, you can use a reload bonus code and stack it on top. If you do not already have an account at Pokerstars, you can signup here.

For example: You make a $500 deposit today. Five months from now you decide to deposit another $400, but you haven’t cleared the full $500 first deposit bonus yet. Once you’ve cleared the first deposit bonus in it’s entirety the reload bonus will kick in automatically. Most online poker rooms and even online slots casinos don’t allow this, so this is a cool feature.

Reload deposit bonus codes have different clearing requirements at different times. Whatever the clearing requirements are for that particular reload bonus code are what you will need to earn.

Currently no reload bonus codes are available, but we will keep this site updated when future reload bonus codes are being offered. Pokerstars accepts a wide variety of payment methods from players including credit cards. This is one of the few Amex Casino Poker sites available for American players.

Pokerstars Deposit Bonus Code – TEN500