Full Tilt Poker Deposit Bonus

Full Tilt Poker Deposit Bonus

Full Tilt Poker Deposit Bonus – 100% up to $600

Full Tilt Poker Deposit Bonus Code (Referral Code) – IPOKERORG

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Full Tilt Poker calls their bonus code a ‘referral code’. During the registration & deposit process, they will ask you if you have a referral code. This is where you need to enter IPOKERORG.

The Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus is big, and has reasonable clearing requirements. Whether you play hi-stakes or low-stakes, you can earn bonus money at Full Tilt Poker. Your deposit bonus can be earned while playing in ring games or tournaments.

As a 100% matching deposit bonus, new players can double their first deposit amount. If your first deposit is $100, you can earn another $100 in bonus. If your first deposit is $600, you can earn another $600 in bonus. Make good use out of the Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus – it’s only available on your first deposit. Of course we don’t want anyone to play poker with more money than they can afford to lose, but we also don’t want people to waste their deposit bonus. Make the biggest deposit that you can easily afford.

The Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus is paid in chunks of either 10% of your deposit amount, or $20 at a time – whichever comes first. If your first deposit is $150, your bonus will be paid in $15 increments. Any deposit over $200 will be paid in increments of $20.

Full Tilt Poker gives players 120 days to clear as much of their deposit bonus as they can. While the clearing requirements are fair, if you multi-table or play a lot, you will earn your deposit bonus that much faster.

Full Tilt Poker Deposit Bonus Clearing Requirements

While playing real money cash games and tournaments at Full Tilt, players earn Frequent Player Points (FPP’s). Frequent Player Points are worth $.06 each. If your first deposit was over $200, you will need to earn 334 FPP’s for every $20 chunk of bonus. This isn’t too hard, as earning FPP’s at Full Tilt Poker is fairly simple.

Players earn 1 FPP for every $1 in rake, with a maximum of 3 FPP’s per hand. Partial FPP’s are awarded for pots that rake less than $1. Of course the higher stakes you play, the higher the rake will be, and the faster you’ll earn FPP’s.

In tournaments, players earn 7 FPP’s per dollar paid in fees. So, if you play in a $10+1 tournament, you’ll earn $.42 in bonus money. There is no maximum amount of FPP’s players can earn in tournaments. If you play in a $1000+50 sit-n-go, you’ll earn 350 FPP’s.

What Can I do With My Frequent Player Points?

Frequent Player Points can be used in the Full Tilt Poker Store where players can trade them for iPod’s, Playstation 3’s, LCD tv’s, laptops, and a wide variety of poker gear. You can also trade them for football, hockey, baseball or hockey jerseys with your name custom embroidered on the back.

If you earn enough FPP’s, you can get yourself a new Harley Davidson or even a Mini Cooper S! I’m not going to say it’s easy to earn enough points for a Harley, but lots of people have done it.

FPP’s can also be used for entry into exclusive FPP tournaments and a variety of satellite tournaments. Full Tilt Poker runs FPP satellites for the WSOP every year, and for other live events as well.

Don’t forget to write down the Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus code (marketing code) IPOKERORG.

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