Party Poker Million Dollar Hand

Play in the Party Poker Million Dollar Hand Promotion

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Starting on Oct. 5th, 2009, Party Poker will be starting a fun, new promotion. Called the Million Dollar Hand, this promo gives players a chance to win $1 million just for playing. Whether you play cash games, tournaments, or both doesn’t make any difference. All you have to do is play.

Every time you earn 15 Party Points, you’ll receive one playing card. Once you have 5 cards, you’ll get free money for a made hand, as low as one pair. Party Poker even starts everyone with a free card, so you only need to earn 60 Party Points to get your first hand.

Two hands per day can be played, for the entire length of the promotion which ends on Oct. 30th. This gives players the chance to make 52 hands total, with a chance for $1 million if you make a Royal Flush.

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Each time you earn 15 points, go to your Party Account to see your card. Players need to reveal all of their cards no later than the end of Oct. 31st to get paid.

For one pair, you’ll get $3. 2 pair is worth $10. A set will get you $20. You’ll get $50 for a straight, and $100 for a flush. $150 is given for a full house, and then the big money kicks in. Quads will get you $1000, and a straight flush is worth $10k! If you get real lucky and make a Royal Flush, Party Poker will pay you a million dollars.

In $.50/1 NL games, players earn 15 Party Points in about 60 hands. Playing just one table at a time, you can earn a playing card in about 45 minutes at most tables. Players earn 2 points per dollar paid in tournament fees, which means you if you play two $10+1 SNG’s at a time, you can earn 15 Party Points in about 3 hours. If you play more tables or bigger buy-in tournaments, obviously you’ll earn points faster.

Go to our Party Poker deposit bonus page for more details on how to earn Party Points. Or, write down Party Poker bonus code 25SUPER and download Party Poker.